• Access to over 250,000 Movies
  • Watch your favorites Shows on demand
  • Over 100's of Radio Stations
  • 1000's of Apps at your fingertips
  • Surf the Internet from your home TV
  • Access to Live Sporting Events
  • No Commercials
  • No Monthly Fee

Cut your cable bill and still maintain access to your favorite Movies, TV Shows and Sporting Events with the LimitlessTV™ Media Center

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With LimitlessTV™ It's Never A Question Of What's On TV Tonight, It's What ISN'T?

That's Simple!  Anything you want to be.  LimitlessTV™ is television your way.  Watch your favorite shows when you want, the where you want, the way you want.  You're in control of your time and schedule.  It's TV On Demand with you in the driver's seat.  Try it today!

  • NO MONTHLY FEES - PLUG and PLAY READY - Watch all of the latest movies, TV shows, and live sports with no monthly bills or costs! Why waste your money on cable or movie subscriptions when you can get the exact same viewing pleasure with the LimitlessTV™ Streaming Media Center - you will have access to an endless movie list that is on demand and in high definition. All of the add-ons so it only takes one click to install the ones you want and start streaming!


  • TRANSFORM YOUR TV INTO A SMART TV INSTANTLY - Turn any TV into a smart TV and harness the power of the fastest, most capable device! Enjoy truly unlimited options and completely customize your HD viewing experience. With apps like Facebook, Internet Browser, KODI Entertainment Center, Pandora, Netfilx, YouTube and more, there is no end to the amount of fun that you can have with your TV now! Even download emulators and enjoy playing old retro video games without paying a dime!


  • ENDLESS MOVIES - Stream your favorite content from movies, to TV shows, to music all from your TV. An array of Add-ons are already installed to make your viewing experience the most enjoyable! With an open platform like Android 4.4 KitKat, you have a complete canvas to customize on your own. Download your favorite apps or video games to enjoy on your television, all for free and without ever paying another dime to any cable company or movie subscription every again!


  • STREAM IN 4K/1080P/720P AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON - 4K streaming capabilities mean you can watch your streams in the most stunning visual quality! Imagine sitting down, turning on your television and watching any movie, TV show or sporting event on demand without paying a dollar for it!?! Well imagine no more - we have the solution for you! The LimitlessTV™ Streaming Media Center comes packed with every movie, TV show and sporting event and it constantly updates - For Free!


  • NEWEST CHIP AVAILABLE WITH DOUBLE THE STORAGE, QUADRUPLE THE SPEED - This is the newest technology available to date so you won't miss a minute of your favorite show or movie ever again! The LimitlessTV™ Streaming Media Center has double the storage of other boxes and the latest Amlogic S812 processor blows the competition away with its amazing speed.

The Ultimate In Digital Entertainment Experiences

4K (UDH) Video Processing
Ultra-HD Resolutions delivered to your TV

Never Pay To Watch Your Television Again...Unless You Absolutely Want Too

Included In The Box:

  • LimitlessTV Digital Media System
  • HDMI Cable - High Quality One Meter HDMI Cord.
  • AC Adapter - Input:100-240V-50/60Hz Output: 5V
  • Remote - Controls the box and can be programmed to control certain TVs.
  • Includes: Technical Support, 1 Yr Warranty, Lifetime Software Updates*
Sale Price $199

Reg. Retail Price $249.99

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Ask Our Team About LimitlessTV™...

  • q-iconWhy choose the LimitlessTV Streaming Media Box?

    In a nutshell, Quality and Price.  All media players are not created equal.  We offer the best technology and service at the best price! We offer a 1-year limited warranty on all of our media centers, have U.S. based customer service and we access to software updates directly from your unit.

  • q-iconDoes my Media Center get local channels?

    While you are able to stream content from all of the major networks from your LimitlessTV™ Streaming Media Center, this will most likely not be from your local area. We recommend that you get a digital antenna that is designed to pick up your local channels over the air.  These are available for approx $20 from retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Kmart.

  • q-iconCan my LimitlessTV work anywhere in the world?

    Yes, your box will work anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection and the correct power adapter. LTV will still be able to be used to its full potential anywhere you go.

  • q-iconWhat Internet speed do I need to use LimitlessTV?

    The Internet speed needed to view your content on the LimitlessTV™ Streaming Media Center will depend on the resolution of the video you are streaming.  For  SD 2Mbps Min – 5Mbps Recommend / HD Min 5Mbps – 10Mbps recommended.  Keep in mind that multiple streaming devices running simultaneously on the same network requires more bandwidth.

  • q-iconHow do I check the speed of my Internet connection?

    The speed and reliability of your Internet connection plays a huge role in your ability to enjoy your favorite content on your LimitlessTV™ Streaming Media Center. To check your Internet connection speed go to  If your WiFi signal is weak, we recommend an ethernet connection.

  • q-iconIs it legal?

    Yes, provided you use your LimitlessTV™ media player as intended. Like your home computer, you have access to much media content via the Internet. Much of the content available does require it’s own license agreements. Our media center is a mini-super computer. It scrapes the internet and pulls any available media streams to your system.  But it does so much more.

  • q-iconAre there any monthly subscriptions?

    Limitless Living International does not provide any media content, therefore we do not charge any monthly fees/subscriptions. Some of the content providers do require their own license agreements and many of these do charge a subscription fee. We never charge for content.  Commercial Free And No Monthly Fee.

  • q-iconWhat's the refund policy?

    Customer Satisfaction and Saving You Money Is Our Goal!  That’s why we offer a full 7 day trial period to enjoy your system, report any issues that we will promptly address, or return your unit for refund minus shipping and 20% restocking/reservice fees.

    After 7 days, no refunds will be given.  But because our goal is to cut your entertainment cost, before a refund will be granted, you must allow us to help solve the problem you are having by going through our Support Resolution Process.

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